Meet Mariam Musa: First Black British Influencer To Launch A Solo Collection With A Leading Fast Fashion Brand

Mariam Musa Courtesy of Mariam Musa The rise of influencers has been one of the biggest shifts in marketing over the last decade. Many solo entrepreneurs have gone from making videos in their bedrooms to making millions of dollars through brand sponsorship and Youtube ads. However, like many other industries, there have been differences in […]


How Does Your Brand Purpose Stand Up?

CEOs and other leaders have increasingly been focused on building brand purpose. Companies such as SY Partners, BCG, and StrawberryFrog are specialized in helping companies define brand purpose. But, until now, there has not been an empirical study of purpose brands.  The Business Roundtable, with the signatures of 181 CEOs, committed to lead their companies with […]


Senior Lela Rose Designer Launches Her First Capsule Collection With Her Own Brand, Giovanna

Some entrepreneurs like to enter the market like gangbusters. Others take a more pragmatic approach, like Leonora Arslani, founder of Giovanna, a brand known for its trend-setting raffia mules and Wabi-Sabi inspired jewelry, eponymously based on her incredibly stylish aunt’s personal aesthetic. Venus Mule in Bordeaux by Giovanna Courtesy of Giovanna “I officially launched Giovanna in 2019,” […]