How Propel And Vote.org Helped Register 60,000 SNAP Beneficiaries To Vote

Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Linkedin Low-income people turn out to vote at a rate about 20 percentage points less than higher-income voters, according to a report from the Poor People’s Campaign. That’s for a variety of reasons, from lack of the requisite IDs to transportation impediments. Making matters worse, reaching that population […]


How Sticking to Their Principles Helped Zappos and Tom’s of Maine Step Ahead of Their Competition

October 18, 2020 7 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Capturing market share in a competitive industry is a matter of differentiation. When Tesla saw that its rivals favored function over form, it positioned itself as a sleek alternative to more prosaic vehicles like the Toyota Prius or the Chevy Volt. […]